Map of Tokyo Residential Architecture

I was contacted by a number of news outlets after I published my recent article explaining Japan’s crazy housing economics and how I think they facilitate experimental residential architecture. Since many people seem keen to see or photograph these in-person (or via streetview), I have assembled a map that catalogs some interesting examples of Tokyo residential architecture. Google’s new maps engine sure looks snazzy, doesn’t it?

Currently, the map is centred around West Tokyo, where most of the famous examples are clustered. By no means exhaustive or authoritative, I plan to gradually update it (time permitting). I welcome any additions to the map that readers care to suggest. Just tweet them to me: @AlaTown

One response to “Map of Tokyo Residential Architecture”

  1. This was originally posted in 2013.
    Has more locations been added since ?
    I am very interested in visiting some of these during my trip in october 2019.
    Any help would be great.